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Focus Formula

4.8 Rating

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"I'll tell you... this stuff works. I probably get done in one day what used to take me almost three."

- Addison Marrows,  Anxieco Customer


Scientifically Formulated to support your body with the tools it needs to handle the stresses of life, keeping you alert and focused.*   

✓  Mental Clarity Support*
  Enhances a Calm Mind*
  Promotes Sharper Focus*
✓  Daytime Energy Support*

Focus contains:

8 Nootropics | 4 Adaptogens | 4 Antioxidants | 2 Amino Acids | 1 Phospholipid | 1 Neuro-Protector

Go All In - Stay On Task and Focused

No matter how important it is, whether it’s a work assignment or passion project, sometimes it’s just impossible to stay focused. Your phone... don’t you want to check who texted you? Don’t you wonder what your pet is up to? This cycle continues until the day is over and you haven’t gotten anything done at all.

FOCUS promotes and enhances your ability to remember details, focus on complex tasks, think more clearly under stress, and react more quickly.*  Do you want a reduction in memory loss, improving alertness and focus, and providing people with a clearer mind? FOCUS may enhance your body's ability to provide help!*

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